Major Funk is releasing its second album The In Between—a pandemic project from a team of Yukon creatives unearthing the perplexities of life in limbo. The collection of bilingual (English and  French), pop-funk tunes will premiere on April 14, 2023, which comes two years after the release of the band’s debut album Is That You? 

Much has transpired for the band over the past two years, including a Western Canadian Music Award (WCMA) nomination for R&B Artist of the Year 2021. The band has been writing, recording, and playing locally, as they gear up for a 2023 tour. Band  co-founder Étienne Girard says, "Music is one way that we find love in the spaces in between, and we make music that makes people want to move.” 

Composed during a societal moment of flux, The In Between thematically explores meaningful moments that are often sandwiched between significant life events. Echoing in the album’s sixth track, “Interstitial”: “Look in between lines. It’s the place where we find love that makes us feel alive.” 

Reflective lyrics are juxtaposed with Major Funk’s signature feel-good vibe. The six-piece ensemble includes members from across Canada with a wide array of postsecondary and professional music training, combined with decades of experience. “This band can really, really play,” says Richard Clark, writing for Great Dark Wonder. Major Funk’s music is “... unexpectedly upbeat, very fresh, and beautifully alive...

Major Funk returned to Yukon’s Green Needle Records to record their second album. Owner/Operator/Producer/Engineer Jim Holland was key in researching tones and techniques to create the final sound for the record. To complement the album, Major Funk will release two professional music videos directed by Daniel Little, a Whitehorse-based filmmaker who also has worked as a camera operator on Discovery’s Gold Rush. The “Interstitial” video that will debut in February 2023 features breakdancing choreographed by Yukon’s Valérie Herdes and performed by Oleksii Ogarov and Kasper Höglund. The dancers have a personal tie to the theme of the song and the  album, as both Oleksii and Kasper are in a place of transition as refugees, leaving their homes in Ukraine for Yukon. 

The album is Yukon-rooted, musically and visually. The album artwork was created by Yukon-born graphic designer/tattoo-artist Kirsty Wells (who has even tattooed band members Brent and Selina!).


1. Reciprocity

2. Right Here Right Now

3. A l’infini (en français)

4. Feel the Love 

5. Tangible 

6. Interstitial

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