A unique brand of Yukon Funk.

2021 Western Canadian Music Award Nominee 

"This band can really, really play... unexpectedly upbeat, very fresh, and beautifully alive... The overall sound is superb" -Richard Clark (Great Dark Wonder)

"A soul-based take on brassy funk. Stuffed with chinking guitars, blistering brass and feisty vocals." -Bill Buckley (soulandjazzandfunk.com)

"Probably the most danceable band I can think  of." -Angela Drainville, Atlin Arts and Music Festival Producer (Yukon News)

"What can’t be understated is the deliberate nature in which this 7-piece ensemble crafts their hip shaking, feel-good tunes." Cups n Cakes Network

High energy bass-led grooves, soaring vocals, and a tight horn section; this isn’t what you’d expect from a band coming from the Yukon in Canada’s North, but it’s exactly what you get with Whitehorse’s Major Funk. It’s also a great formula to get a crowd moving, and they’ve got this down to a science. Several years of research and development in the studio and on the road has refined the band’s sound into something familiar but fresh, epic but accessible, and dangerously infectious. Most importantly, however, it’s a ton of fun, and it makes you want to dance. It’s all on display on their debut full length effort, “Is That You?” (2021): a groove-heavy genuinely good time that will stay with you long after the last note. 

Sophomore album "The In Between" coming April 2023- stay tuned for details and videos coming early 2023!



Selina Heyligers-Hare: vocals and keys

Etienne Girard: bass

Adrian Burrill: vocals and trumpet

Brent Gallant: guitar

Toby Moisey: saxophone and flute

Anders Grasholm: drums